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Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?



1.  Frequent headaches.
2.  Dizzyness.
3.  Lightheadedness.
4.  Ringing, buzzing or other sounds in the ears.
5.  A feeling of fullness in the ears or sinuses.
6.  Numbness or tingling of the fingertips.
7.  Backaches (upper or lower).
8.  Neckaches.
9.  Difficulty in opening or closing your mouth.
10.  Clicking sounds from your jaw joint.
11.  Pain from the jaw joint.
12.  Pain in the facial muscles.
13.  Pain in upper or lower teeth.
14.  Are you easily fatigued or tired at the end of the day?
15.  Sore throat.
16.  Forgetfulness or difficulty in learning new material.
17.  Inability to fully open your mouth..
18.  Pain in the eye or visual problems.
19.  Frequently encounter stressful situations at home / work.
20.  Have you ever received orthodontic treatment?
If you have any of the above symptoms:    
Have you ever been treated for them?
Has the treatment been successful?
Are you currently taking any medication for these symptoms?
TMJ disorder is the great imposter.  It can mimic many of the above symptoms

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